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Galvanized Steel Coil Factory Hot Dipped galvanized coil 1
Galvanized Steel Coil Factory Hot Dipped galvanized coil 2
Galvanized Steel Coil Factory Hot Dipped galvanized coil 3
Galvanized Steel Coil Factory Hot Dipped galvanized coil 1
Galvanized Steel Coil Factory Hot Dipped galvanized coil 2
Galvanized Steel Coil Factory Hot Dipped galvanized coil 3

Galvanized Steel Coil Factory Hot Dipped galvanized coil


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    Galvanized coil, the thin steel plate is dipped into the melted zinc tank, so that its surface adheres to a layer of zinc thin steel plate.  It is mainly produced by continuous galvanizing process, that is, the rolled steel plate is continuously dipped in the plating tank with melted zinc to make galvanized steel plate.  Alloyed galvanized steel sheet.  This steel plate is also made by hot dipping, but immediately after the tank is heated to about 500 ° C, so that it generates an alloy coating of zinc and iron.  This galvanized coil has good coating adhesion and weldability. 


    Production technology

    The production process of galvanized coil mainly includes the following steps: steel coil pickling, cleaning, pretreatment, baking, zinc dipping, cooling, coil formation and so on.  

    First, the coil pickling.  In this step, the steel coil to be galvanized is put into the acid solution for pickling, in order to remove the oxide, oil and rust on the surface of the steel to ensure the galvanizing effect.  

    Then there's the cleaning.  After pickling, harmful substances such as acid and chloride ions will remain on the surface of the steel coil. Rinse with clean water to fully clean the harmful substances.  

    The next step is preprocessing.  The cleaned steel coil is put into the pretreatment tank for surface treatment, and a protective film is formed on the steel surface through chemical reaction to increase the binding force between the steel coil and the zinc liquid and improve the quality of the coating.  

    Then there's baking.  After pretreatment, there will be a protective film on the surface of the steel coil, which needs to be baked to dry it completely in order to facilitate the subsequent zinc dipping process.  

    This is followed by zinc dipping.  The baked steel coil is dipped into the molten zinc solution, and the surface of the steel coil reacts with the zinc solution to form a zinc layer to protect the steel coil from corrosion.  The time and temperature of zinc immersion need to be adjusted according to different needs to achieve the ideal quality of zinc plating.  

    And then there's cooling.  After zinc dipping, the steel coil will have a certain temperature, and it is necessary to cool it to make the zinc layer on the surface of the steel coil quickly solidify and ensure the quality of the coating.  

    Finally, it's a roll.  After cooling, the galvanized steel coil is rewound and the quality is checked.  The quality test mainly includes the checking of coating thickness, coating adhesion, coating uniformity and so on. 

    These are the main steps of the galvanized coil production process, each step is very critical. It plays an important role in the quality of the final galvanized coil and at the same time in the production process,It is also necessary to pay attention to issues such as environmental protection and production safety to ensure the stable progress of the process 


    Advantages of galvanized steel coil 

    1. Strong corrosion resistance: the zinc layer on the surface of the galvanized coil has good corrosion resistance, which can effectively resist wind and rain, acid rain erosion and other external factors.  


    2. Long life: galvanized coil after galvanized treatment, its life can be more than twice as long as the untreated steel, greatly improving the service life of steel.  


    3. High safety: galvanized coil not only has good corrosion resistance and aesthetics, but also has good flame retardant performance, making it widely used in the construction field.  

     4. Good environmental protection: galvanized coil in the production process, will produce a certain amount of waste gas, waste water and waste slag, but after modern technology treatment, can meet environmental standards, no pollution to the environment. 

    Use of galvanized coil

    The uses of galvanized rolls are as follows: A large number of galvanized thin rolls are used in automotive manufacturing, refrigerated containers, construction, ventilation and heating facilities, and furniture manufacturing.  Galvanizing has become an important method of steel corrosion protection, not only because zinc can form a dense protective layer on the surface of the steel, but also because zinc has a cathodic protection effect, when the galvanizing layer is damaged, it can still prevent the corrosion of the iron base material by cathodic protection.  Construction industry: roof, roof components, balcony rolls, window sills, newsstands, warehouses, rolling doors, heaters, rainwater pipes and other household appliances: refrigerators, washing machines, switch cabinets, air conditioners, microwave ovens, bread makers, copiers, vending machines, electric fans, vacuum cleaners and other furniture industry:  Lampshade, wardrobe, table, bookshelf, counter, signboard, medical equipment and other transportation industry: automobile sky roll, car shell, carriage roll, tractor, tram, container, highway wall, ship bulkhead roll and other aspects:  Musical instrument shell, dustbin, billboard, clock, photographic equipment, meter and other color coated steel coil is hot galvanized coil, hot plated aluminum zinc coil, electric galvanized coil and so on as the base coil, after surface pretreatment.  Of course,when making galvanized rolls, it must first be passivated to be able to carry out the second step of oiling, and finally paint sealing and phosphating.  The galvanized roll produced after a long step is very durable, of course, if the user does not need phosphating, this step can be omitted in the production  process.

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