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Customized Service

Custom Processing Service

After negotiation with customer, we prepare to launch new project. 

1. If customer have the drawing, which includes the dimensions, materials, special requirements, then we can make the mold according to the drawing. 

2. If customer have no drawing and size, but have sample, then a sample need to be sent to our engineer, then we will gauge dimensions, and make a drawing. Then we make a mold according to the drawing. Sometimes, customer will make a sample order, Just to check the quality. 

Our company provides free sample service for customers to dispel all doubts of customers  After samples confirmed, we will start mass production. The production flow as bellow: 

Raw Material Test → Unrolled coil → Cutting Material → Galvanized → Cooling → First Par Inspection → Casual Inspection → Burr Dealing → 100% Eyes Inspection → passivation → finsih rolling → Packing 

After consultation with the customer, we will provide the required documents according to the customer's requirements, and assist the customer until the customer receives the goods
why choose us?

Provide customers with one-stop service from product production to processing. And provide free storage services.

Excellent Production Capacity Our company covers an area of 50,000 square meters, with two processing workshops, three production workshops, three warehouses, can meet most of the needs of customers
In the past ten years, our team has accumulated strong industry experience, providing one-stop service from production, processing, sales, and providing customers with the best after-sales service. 
After the production of each batch of goods will be tested by a professional quality inspection team, and issue a test report, after the approval of the goods can be carried out the subsequent normal shipment process
Through a one-stop production line from raw materials to finished products, we provide customers with more cost-effective products.
It has two subsidiaries, AXTD steel and FY steel, and provides customers with better service through more than 10 years of industry experience.
With excellent quality, firt-class service, honest business
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production process 

Punching→Painted→Color coated→Bend→Rolling groove→MARK→LOGO→Shrinkage→Threaded→Oiled→Cutting

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Custom Process  

Leave production to us and leave time to your market.  We will customize the products you need in the shortest time and give them to you with the highest quality requirements.  
Communicate specific requirements to customers : Let us know more quickly what you want and what we can do to answer your questions about customization.  
Confirm Information : Check product production information,including size,surface treatment, and your special requirement Our staff will check the product information with you and start the production after confirming the information,Be sure to check it carefully to avoid mistakes in the later production process.  
Bulk production : Small batch customization, 10 tons minimum order.   The production cycle is about 25 days.  Workshop systematic management, reglonal planning, clear division of labor, production information strictly confidential, can be trusted to our production.

Our Service

Free Samples: We have our own sample warehouse, can provide customers with the required samples for free

Customized Fabric Own Design, Simple And Fast: Custom logo, we currently support custom customer company logos on steel tubes, steel coils, and all steel products to help you create a greater impact in your market.

Package Printing: Customized packaging, we can be packaged according to customer requirements, remove the traditional steel strip packaging, we provide waterproof cloth, tarpaulin, pvc film, and so on packaging for customers to choose.

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We can do and agent various of products importing and exporting business, our company establish good trade relations with Brazil, India, South Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asian market and we has build a solid global economic structure, we have won the client's reliance and appreciated by strong production capacity and meticulous customer service.
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